Best Fall Trees

Forest with natural path formed. Fall leaves in yellow, orange, and red falling on path. Seasonal landscaping ideas with Perimeter Landscape.

Fall weather brings out the punchiest colors of nature, with flags of orange and gold waving over the holidays. To properly capture this glory, you might consider cultivating a knockout yard display, especially if your community is already doing so. If you run a business in a public space, then you know the perks of an inviting look. Regardless of need, you want a successful display. Such landscaping designs don’t depend on how creative your shrub and hedge trimming tactics are, but rather on what populates the soil overall.

If you are considering some professional lawn maintenance, then why not add a variety of trees that boast unique styles and shades? To help you consider your options, here are the best fall trees that capture the essence of the golden brown season, with its early chills and look-at-me sprouts perfectly rendered in each leaf.


Autumn Blaze Maples produce beautiful fall colors that embody the glow of fire, but without the danger. These trees are vivid enough to make passing traffic slow down. In public areas, an Autumn Blaze Maple is a key spot for selfie gatherings, something to note in your landscape design. Vivid Maple trees are a great way to bring new clientele to your doorstep—they move like fires, drawing all eyes towards them. Their dark green leaves reach sizes of 10 to 12 inches, a perfect size for the kids to play with or scoop into yard bins. This fall, should you decide to spark a new outdoor aesthetic for your home, you’ll want to plant these in well-drained but moist, fertile soil for best results.


This specimen’s round crown sticks out among taller or wider trees, bringing a special atmosphere to any lot or home. The displays of soft colors range from fuchsia to orange and violet. With such softness, the trees add a less-blunt look to your landscape. Planting options include sand or clay.

A Chinese Pistache can withstand heat and drought extremely well, so raising them up in a heavy-sun state like Oklahoma poses no problem. Be careful not to give them too much shade. If you’re looking into commercial landscaping, ask about our Chinese Pistache planting options.


Aromatic and rugged, Blue Atlas Cedars are the trees that keep giving, with their luscious blue hue showcased year-round for nonstop decoration. This alone is enough reason to surround the grounds of your business with them. Upon closer examination, the cones that pepper the tops create a specific beauty that only a cedar can bring to the table. Pyramid-like in shape, these majestic trees grow slowly but tall over the years. Blue Atlas cedars are an investment that will pay off.


Be it acres of commercial property or the gated area where your family picnics, Perimeter’s service personnel can offer design plans and maintain the upkeep once everything is in place. If you go with Blue or Blaze, our specialists can give you all the care the trees need to last. For premium trees and plants, or any landscaping design questions, try our services.