Top Considerations for Commercial Landscaping

Professional residential landscaping around a brick home using weeping tree, spiral juniper, coleus plants in front yard of home.

Any commercial property owner will tell you that their to-do list is chaotic. Interior upkeep duties, rent management, and an ever-changing economy are enough to juggle without adding more. If you are a business owner responsible for managing properties, then you want to employ efficient landscaping services.

Commercial landscaping is a crowded field due to the demand for yard treatments, but you should be picky about who you choose to do the work. If the people involved don’t have years of service behind them, you might end up with a costly and sloppy experience. Here are the top attributes to consider when hiring for your properties.


A scheduled service should be proactive when it comes to in-between appointments. Commercial landscaping employees should be quick to respond to inquiries and new assignments. Changes in terrain or possible hurdles should be brought to your attention. A reputable landscaper does not rely on excuses or shortcuts. If you’ve hired a service that seems to lose steam and effort over time, then you need to consider finding more proactive experts to do the work.


You don’t want to hire a landscaper who disappears between scheduled appointments. Being able to reach out for clarification or new care shouldn’t be a hassle. Communication needs to be a convenience, or it’s the opposite—an inconvenience. Being a commercial landowner means facing the occasional curveball. If overnight flooding rearranges the surrounding landscape of your apartment grounds, then you need to have an open line to consult the people who can fix it.


Choose a commercial landscaping establishment that employs modern landscaping tools. Tasks like mowing and hedge trimming shouldn’t leave debris behind if the best equipment is utilized. Consider specialists who use manpower along with fertilizing and irrigation tools to do classic-but-innovative groundskeeping. This should be any landscaper’s goal – even for minimal tasks, like flower bed maintenance or weed control.


This attribute is the key to keeping your properties trimmed and manicured. You want a commercial business to appear well-kept on the outside in order to draw in new clients. Your company’s reputation takes a hit if you hire landscaping services that don’t know how to craft an inviting exterior.

Landscaping employees who know insider tricks are extremely valuable because you won’t waste time wondering why corners were cut on difficult terrain. Perimeter Landscape handles this territory on a regular basis and knows how to work around hills or rocky soil. Our specialists can handle difficult tasks like storm cleanup and proper tree placement using only premium trees and plants. Your visitors will only see the refined side of your properties, never the rough side.

Consider Perimeter Landscape

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to keep our clients happy. We serve both large and smaller commercial properties with a meticulous attention to detail that other companies can’t offer. Our specialties include landscape lighting and pond-less water features to fashion an enticing atmosphere for visitors. Irrigation systems, stonescaping—no matter what you need, Perimeter Landscape is the commercial landscaping choice for your business model. Call us now for an estimate!