Perimeter Pulse – Newsletter February 2024

February Perimeter Pulse

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Newsletter Highlights:

  • Have you met Gloria Vick?
  • Protect plants with horticultural oil and pre-emergent treatment
  • Lawn care tips: fertilization, mulch installation, aeration, and dethatching
  • Pruning and planting suggestions for February
  • Beat Weeds Before They Bloom: $25 off pre-emergent flowerbed treatment
  • Requesting Referrals

In this month’s feature article, learn why horticultural oil along with pre-emergent treatments shield plants from pesky insects and invasive weeds to keep flowerbeds and landscaped areas immaculate. February is the best time to use these treatments. Best of all, we’re offering $25 off pre-emergent treatments through the end of February!

You’ll also find guidance on preparing your flower beds and lawns for spring and discover how you can earn Charleston’s gift cards by referring friends to Perimeter.

Let us know what content you find most valuable! We aim to provide a mix of seasonal advice and company updates monthly to support your landscape needs. How can blue help you?

Perimeter Landscape Newsletter February 2024 by Andy Reynolds