Light Up Your Landscape All Year

Three people enjoying movie night on a backyard movie projector with string lights and plants.

Feeling a little in the dark? “Watt” is your problem?

If you think you are stuck with the same old surroundings, then let us enlighten you. At Perimeter Landscape this is what we do.

But first, let’s talk about your dreams.

When we think of dreams, we naturally think of a state of consciousness during sleep.

Dreams typically occur in the dark, when the shades are drawn. We may remember our dreams, or we may not.

But what about those wide-awake dreams? The ones that live inside us? The ones that make us count the days till our vacations? They’re better known as wishes – ask anyone, and you’ll likely hear a variety of elusive places people would rather be–a tropical island drinking margaritas in the sand or an exotic resort. For the rustic at heart, it might be a campground with a fishing pole and the day’s catch in a skillet over an open flame, or roasting smores with the kids.

You name it – people can think it up. Where do your dreams take you?

At Perimeter Landscape, it is our dream to take your dreams and turn them into a reality. We are a team of professionals with the expertise to expand your dreamscape to the great outdoors right in your backyard.

Sounds a little like utopia, doesn’t it? Just think about it: a weekend getaway. A barbeque pit. A fireside chat. A pond with koi surrounded by a lighted rock. Hanging lanterns, luminaries, lighted pathways. All within reach. And it all begins with that dream.

It’s not so farfetched. If you own a home and wish you could walk out your door at the end of the day and look up at the stars or swing in a hammock and let the stress of the world fade away, then you are in for a treat. People everywhere are envisioning updates to their spaces, turning their backyards into cozy nooks.

Obviously, in order to enjoy our designing efforts, it helps to see your surroundings, and this begins with lighting. Light can be everywhere you want it to be–your home, your yard, your patio. That’s the miracle of today’s technology. All you need is some rethinking and a team of experts to advise you on what’s needed to brighten your corner of the world.

Whether it be the faint light in literature known as a will-o’-the wisp, the bluish glow of St. Elmo’s fire or the pink, green, yellow, blue, violet commonly associated with the Aurora borealis, people have always been fascinated by lights. Not all natural lights can be recreated, but we can get pretty close, and it doesn’t stop residential and commercial property owners from using landscape lighting to every advantage.

There is no end to the list of reasons people use lighting. Here are just a few.


Ask anyone why good lighting is of utmost importance and they will likely tell you they prefer walking to the car in a well-lit parking lot as opposed to one that is dark. Basically, if you can’t see where you are going, how are you going to get there?

From backyards to stairwells, you can’t expect to find your way if you can’t see where you’re headed. Safety can include anything from a utility pole shared by the neighbors to a sensor light that lights up as you approach the garage.


Residential and commercial outdoor security lighting discourages would-be intruders from targeting your home by increasing the risk of being caught. The best lighting design allows physical detection, and facial recognition minimizes hiding spots and increases your sense of security for yourself and those you love.

To Extend Your Living Space

Pools and surrounding decks, dock areas, dining areas, hot tubs – all these areas can just be things sitting out in your yard, or they can be an extension of your home. A chance to put your feet up on a rattan lounge chair, close your eyes, and let the stress of the world fade away. An extra chance to spend more time outside.


Lighting adds to the atmosphere, and the atmosphere is what illuminates celebrations. Weddings, barbecues, buffets, outdoor dances, family reunions, open mic nights – all opportunities for festive lighting. And it’s not all about the party. Don’t forget the safety of your guests as they navigate the lay of the land. You don’t want them tripping up or down the steps while heading to the garden, do you?


Lighting is like a window dressing for your foliage. It highlights trees, walls, patios with comfy cushions, backyard terraces, pools, and fountains. And just in case you love the northern lights, there’s that, too.

There are as many different kinds of outdoor landscaping lights as there are reasons to have them. Some are relatively easy to install yourself. Others are best left to the experts. Here are just a few:


These motion detectors use infrared waves to detect moving objects and are perfect for installing in natural hiding places. Doorways, outdoor walkways, backyard, sides of the house – any way you look at it, sensor lights are just plain smart. They may not add to the ambiance of your decor, but they can be your first line of defense in detecting unwanted visitors.


These gems convert sunlight into electrical energy, thereby using natural resources. These are best installed where they capture the strongest light so they function at their maximum effectiveness.


Commonly known as paper lanterns, these lights are outstanding for lighting walkways and typically include votive candles or tea lights. Once traditionally used at Christmastime to light the way for the Christ child, these lights are now used as decorations for occasions from wedding receptions to social gatherings, and are effective mood enhancers.


Frequently used to highlight the beauty of trees, plants, or shrubberies, these lights are also used at Christmastime to light up Christmas decorations.

String Lights

Sometimes called fiesta lights, string lights lend themselves as fun additions to backyard patios, balconies, and porches. There are many types of string lights such as fairy lights and glass bulbs. Often made with yellow glass, flying insects are not typically attracted to these lights, unlike LED or clear bulbs.

It’s true that the best time to think about installing a lighting landscape is before you build, but what if you don’t have the luxury of designing your own home? That’s where we come in. Many of these fixtures require considerable skill. Premier Landscape is your go-to landscaping artisan. We demand only the best from our team, and you can, too. From hedge trimming to flower bed maintenance, we will update your landscape in ways you never thought possible.

How long have you been thinking about this? If you’ve been wandering around in the dark, looking over your shoulder every time you head up the driveway, or admiring those solar-powered lights in your neighbor’s yard, then it might be time for an update, and we are just the landscaping company for your project.

It is our mission to help you create an outdoor living space that you can look forward to at the end of the day, no matter what the season. So give us a call. When we say we capture your dreams, we mean it. Your light-year is just a backyard away.