Starting a Garden? Essential Tools for the Beginner.

Gardening tools on grass. Gardening gloves, pruning saw, a gardening fork, and a garden trowel.

Starting a garden in the springtime and summertime is a wonderful pastime for individuals of all demographics and ages. Gardening can be both therapeutic and productive. Gardening can produce food for your family, as well as beautiful views you can enjoy indoors and outdoors. As your very own landscape designer, you can begin to create a flowering garden that is good for local insects and easy on the eyes.

If you are new to the gardening world, it’s important to know which tools would be helpful to get you started on your future dream garden. With Perimeter Landscape by your side, you can learn all you need to know about starting your very own garden. Here are some essential tools that beginners should pick up before getting their hands in the soil.

Gardening Gloves

One of the best items to invest in as a gardener is a good pair of gardening gloves. Gardening gloves make it really easy to get into the soil without scratching or drying out your hands. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about dirt accumulating underneath your fingernails. Gardening gloves come in all shapes, sizes, and various styles. No matter what kind of landscape design you aspire to create for your property, there is a perfect pair of essential gardening gloves waiting for you.

Seeds or Starter Plants!

Obviously, you can’t plan a new landscape design without having anything to plant in the first place. Finding the right seeds or starting plants totally depends on the climate where you live, your personal style and preferences, and what is available for purchase near you. Online seed catalogs can also be used. Once you stock up on what you want to plant, you can begin laying out your future garden plan, gathering the rest of your essentials, and begin gardening.

Gardening Shovels and Rakes

It’s also a good idea to purchase some smaller hand-held gardening shovels. These make it really easy to dig small holes for pre-potted flowers or to dig to the right depth for seeds. Many gardening shovels come with hook mechanisms, making them easy to hang in your garage. Plus, they are small enough to store in gardening baskets or aprons. Gardening rakes make it easy to create smaller rows as needed and can be stored neatly.

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