Perimeter Pulse – Newsletter January 2024

We’re thrilled to present the latest issue of the Perimeter Pulse — your go-to source for property news and exciting offers to kick off the new year with a bang!

Newsletter Highlights:

  1. Beat Weeds Before They Bloom: $25 off Pre-Emergent Flowerbed Treatment
    • Dive into our feature article and discover how applying pre-emergent weed control now can keep your flowerbeds pristine before those pesky intruders take root in the spring. Enjoy a $25 discount on granular treatments throughout February!
  2. Optimal Winter Tree Transplanting Tips
    • Learn the secrets to successful winter tree transplantation, ensuring your green companions thrive in their new locations.
  3. Huge Savings on Winter Landscape Installations
    • Take advantage of exclusive savings on winter landscape installations. Elevate your outdoor space without breaking the bank!
  4. Monthly To-Do Checklist for Your Property
    • Stay on top of property maintenance with our monthly to-do checklist. Your guide to keeping your outdoor space in top shape all year round.
  5. Requesting Referrals: Earn Charleston’s Gift Cards
    • Discover how you can earn Charleston’s gift cards by referring friends to Perimeter. Sharing the beauty of well-maintained landscapes has never been more rewarding!

Our newsletter is packed with valuable content aimed at supporting your landscape needs.

As we step into 2024, Perimeter Landscape is committed to providing you with a perfect blend of seasonal advice and exciting company updates. Here’s to a beautiful and flourishing year ahead!