What Kind of Maintenance Does Your Landscaping Need?

Landscapers doing different aspects of work. Pruning, cutting, pressure cleaning, and cleaning up the yard.

Well-designed landscaping enhances your home or business’s visual appeal and increases your property value. When you invest in quality landscaping, maintenance is key for it to always look its best. A professional landscape maintenance company keeps landscaping in top shape while extending the longevity of plants and trees.

If you want to achieve maximum appeal with your lawn and landscaping, hiring an experienced landscape maintenance company is a smart choice. Not only do professional landscape services save time, but they can also protect your investment.

Landscaping Maintenance and Proper Watering 

Landscaping maintenance starts with proper watering. This includes regular watering of the lawn, as well as trees and plants. Maintaining proper water levels year-round keeps a lawn lush and also promotes the long-term health of the trees and plants in the landscaping. We set up and maintain irrigation systems to make sure watering is handled without being a worry to our customers.

Landscaping Maintenance and Flower Beds

Proper mulching not only looks nice but also helps the soil take in water. In warmer areas, this is especially important. When the weather is hot, water evaporates before fully seeping into the soil. A landscaping maintenance company like ours maintains your beds and keeps them well-mulched, providing both aesthetic appeal and healthy bedding for flowers and plants.

If continuous blooms are a priority in your landscaping, we can make that happen. Our knowledgeable staff knows the right mix of perennials and annuals to maximize bloom times. Thorough landscape maintenance includes attention to established plants, such as keeping roses and shrubs trimmed.

Identifying and Solving Problems is Part of Landscape Maintenance

With a professional maintenance service, lawns, plants, and trees receive the care necessary to thrive for years to come. And a professional company like ours has the knowledge to identify any pests that are a threat to the landscaping. Dealing with a pest problem early prevents potentially devastating results.

A problem many don’t often recognize until it’s too late is invasive weeds. A professional company keeps your landscaping and lawn weed-free, eliminating any problem species before they have a chance to take over.

Lawns are susceptible to a variety of problems. A professional landscaping company knows how to diagnose and remedy common lawn diseases like brown spots and blight. Staying on top of lawn problems like these prevents extensive damage.

Landscaping Maintenance and Fertilizing

Fertilizing is important for your lawn and landscaping, but if it’s overdone it can destroy plants. We’re landscape maintenance pros and know how much and when your landscaping needs fertilization. Also, using a professional landscape service means you don’t have to store fertilizer, which can be a health hazard.

Call Perimeter Landscape

There is a lot involved in proper landscaping maintenance. Perimeter Landscape has the knowledge and experience to manage your landscaping professionally.We implement new landscape designs, upgrade existing ones, and set the standard for ongoing landscape maintenance. Perimeter Landscape provides commercial and residential services for projects of all sizes. Contact us today for more information.