Best Benefits of a Tree-filled Yard

Magnolia trees in the springtime with pink flowers blooming. Pond in distance. City Park landscaping.

Some days you just need a good tree to sit under. Sadly, this isn’t always an option if you live in suburban areas or areas with particular weather conditions.

Still, this is an easy-to-remedy situation. After all, a tree-filled yard carries a certain mystique, one that anyone passing by would envy. Is this the look for your home? Here are the best benefits you’ll experience if you consult a tree-planting service.

Shady Provisions

Human beings need shade, but so do animals and plants. A tree-filled yard allows you to plant heat- or light-sensitive plants without worry. Shade can cut back on caretaking hours for these plants. For instance, a Chinese Pistache might withstand the sun more than other trees while protecting the smaller plants that surround its roots.

Dog owners appreciate extra trees. Dogs can chase squirrels, lounge around, or both. Neighbors and fellow dog-walkers will appreciate the green. Not sure which kind of tree you’d like to spruce up the yard? Check out our selection of premium trees. Plantable saplings/full-grown trees include Blue Atlas Cedars, which feature lovely cones and slow growth over time. It’s still hot outside—time for some shade.

Yard Beautification

Communities take yard care seriously. This dedication can come in the form of purposely-alike yard decorations or beauty upkeep. Here’s what a tree-filled yard does for you: beautification, a natural décor that makes bushes and hedges stand out even more. Your yard will be a stand-out with the right landscape designs. A sturdy, premium tree can accompany an irrigation system or a flashy flower bed.

Even if you’re not part of a community, yard beautification allows you to raise a family around plant life. Exposure to nature is important in the development of children. Let our professional lawn maintenance add to your family experience. You choose the tree, and Perimeter’s service personnel can break the soil. We can maintain your wooded areas if you don’t have the time to devote outside of your daily duties. What matters is that your front or back yard looks lovely.

Year-Round Changes

Seasonal changes lead to yards that tell stories. During fall weather colors are apt to change. There’s a certain charm to a tree-filled yard if you’re in a region where the leaves gather on the ground (pets and children love taking dives into piles!).

If you don’t experience nature’s harsher weather, then your landscaping patterns will remain the way you’d like them to. For leaf-shedding trees, we recommend a companion stonescaping plan to add a cozy element to your home. Locals will love the story they see in passing.

Tree-Filled Yard Options

Design is a big part of landscape beauty. If there are few or no trees, then a yard is lacking personality. Whether your motivations involve shade or aesthetic intimacy, Perimeter Landscape can map out a design that fits your nature needs.

For premium trees and plants or any landscaping inquiries, try our services and see which trees bring out the best in your yard. We can make your summer, fall, or winter even more memorable.